The Jito Leads Foundation was established on the 26th July 1999,
in Tokyo, Japan by the chairman, Mr. Chrstopher Sodje Jitobor.
When he visited Africa, he saw the situation of the things, how
people are suffering and lacking in one area or the other, so he
decided to start a humanitarian service to help the poor and the needy
people in Nigeria and Africa at large.
The foundation came into being with the help of his personal finance,
of which he also solicitated assistance from friends.

Its major aims are as follows :

1. Treatment of HIV / AIDS (Drugs)
2. Eradication of the orphan at the orphanage home.
3. Take care of less privilege men and women who can not afford
    a normal standard of living.
4. To provide Electricity, Food, Road, Pipe Borne water in Rural Areas.
5. Building of Maternity and Clinic in Rural Areas.
6. Awarding of Scholarship to children.
7. Donation of medical facilities.

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