E.R. Mayer, Medical Doctor                   Sam Okporu, P.R.O Jito Leads Foundation 

In August 2005, the foundation donated one piece of a physiotherapy ultrasound equipment US700 to the General Hospital, Warri, Delta State of Nigeria.

In the year 2002, the foundation also visited the orphanage home in Edo state capital to give
them clothes, food, money etc. that will be used for the up bringing of their children.

In the year 2003, the foundation organize seminar on awareness of HIV/AIDS, how its spreads
and how it can be prevented to those that live at the rural areas.

Relief materials were distributed to the Kerosene Explosion of Delta state.

And in the year 2005, Jito Leads Foundation has distributed and donated medical facilities
such as ultra-sound machines.

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